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Q. Does Cosmetic Development Systems only do custom manufacturing or you you also offer "private label" or "white label" services?

A. Everything we develop and manufacture at our facility is custom for each and every client. We work in a competitive industry and we feel that innovation is a major key to success. By working with us you can be assured that your formula is proprietary to you and only you.

Q. What is your minimum order?

A. We are flexible with our customers when it comes to minimum run sizes but we don't encourage production runs under 2500 pieces and recommend production runs of 5000 pieces or more. When running smaller quantities it has a substantial impact on your profit margins thus making it hard to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Each product and scenario is different so you may want to speak with one of our account representatives to see what makes the most sense for you and your business.

Q. How long does it take to develop a custom formula?

A. This can vary depending on the complexity of the formula, ingredients being utilized and  existing projects undergoing development in the lab. On average the process usually takes 2-3 weeks excluding stability testing.

Q. What is the cost for formula development?

A. We offer different programs depending on our clients needs. While it is not an overly complex matter its best to discuss your options with an account representative. 

Q. Do you supply components such as bottles, tubes, cap and labels?

A. We do not offer any stock components. We work with several manufacturers and distributors in a close proximity that we can put you in touch with for these items. 


Q. Is it important to have the option to "own" my formula?

A. This is an important question and one that anyone getting involved in this industry should be aware of. When choosing a lab or manufacturer to work with it is important to have the "option" to own or buy your formula if needed. Many manufacturers don't provide this option as a means of keeping your business solely with them. In the event you have a falling out with your manufacturer or need to expand your manufacturing capabilities it's vital to be able to have another manufacturer duplicate your existing formula. We at CDS understand the importance  of this and our customers "always" have the option to own or purchase their formula. 

Q. I currently work with another manufacturer, am dissatisfied with their services and can't get my formula from them. Can your company duplicate or "reverse engineer" my existing formula/product(s) ?

A. The simple answer is yes. Our chemists have decades of experience specific to this industry and reverse engineering plays a vital role in our services. 

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