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Cosmetic Development Systems (CDS) is a privately held, woman owned company specializing in cosmetic and personal care development and manufacturing. Our facility is located in the coastal county of Ventura, California. We are positioned near the Pacific coastline about 30 miles northwest of Los Angles in a beautiful valley at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Our state of the art cosmetic research, production, and manufacturing facility first opened its doors in 1979 and continues to be at the forefront of science and technology in this rapidly growing and constantly evolving industry. 

At our company we have proudly offered skin care, beauty, and hair care manufacturing for 40 years. Our facilities employ scientists, chemists, engineers and related experts in the industry of beauty and personal care manufacturing. 

 A partial list of some of the notable achievements and results achieved by the turn-key research, development, production, and packaging of Cosmetic Development Systems includes:

  • CDS created the first ever "Color Corrective Shampoos." These semi-permanent shampoo treatments became the undisputed color corrective standard within the professional hair care industry in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

  • CDS formulated the first color-enhancing shampoos in the world.

  • CDS formulated the first all-natural hair color lightening product, capable of lifting natural hair color one full color level, by exposing it to UV rays of the sun.

  • We created the first "fail safe" perm wave wrap, eliminating the risk of over-processing.

  • We formulated the first alcohol-free hairspray to be sold in the United States, in collaboration with the National Starch and Chemical Company.

  • We formulated the first "organo-modified silicone" hair care product line to be sold in the United States. The technology behind the line was so revolutionary that today virtually all popular retail hair care lines incorporate our technology in their manufacturing process.



In Loving Memory of our Founder

                 Cy Faries

Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence In Cosmetic

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