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In order to best serve you as a complete turn-key, research, development, manufacturing and packaging company for your beauty and wellness products; CDS has developed a signature step-by-step program to streamline your vision, and expedite product fulfillment. CDS Program has five stages, wherein we stand as your trusted partner, working alongside you to bring your skin, body and hair care products to life in the market place. Here is an overview of the stages of the signature CDS Program.


All products on the marketplace began at one time as a vision, concept, or solution to a market demand. However, in order to transform your idea or concept into a product, you'll have to take a closer look at the practical application of your product.

Formula and Development

CDS has decades of experience in formula development, including expertise in chemistry, herbology, phytochemistry, pharmacology and physiology. This enables us to develop the formula you've envisioned. Indeed, CDS operates a fulltime, onsite research laboratory, so that together with your concept, we can create a formula that provides the results you want.


The manufacturing stage of the CDS Program is housed in our state of the art facility, located in Ventura County, California. If you are interested in specifics, look no further.

Packaging and Display

Most creators of beauty, skin and hair care products will need to employ a marketing/design professional to help guide the positioning of the product, and therefore offer suggestions and design for packaging. It is crucial that your product's final appearance match the brand position. We do not provide package design directly, but we have a comprehensive referral list of some of the best cosmetic marketing professionals in the business and will gladly provide you with names of those who can help you to position your product.

Marketing and Advertising

It is vital that you have a plan in place for introducing your product to the market. Again, as your silent partner, CDS is happy to refer you to a professional with expertise and a proven track record of results in getting your beauty product noticed. You may choose to employ a full-scale marketing, public relations and advertising campaign, or you may decide to bring your product to market softly and slowly. CDS is proud to work collaboratively with your media relations and marketing goals to ensure a successful launch of your skin, facial, or beauty product.