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Packaging And Display

Most creators of beauty, skin and hair care products will need to employ a marketing/design professional to help guide the positioning of the product, and therefore offer suggestions and design for packaging. It is crucial that your product's final appearance match the brand position. We do not provide package design directly, but we have a comprehensive referral list of some of the best cosmetic marketing professionals in the business and will gladly provide you with names of those who can help you to position your product.

With the product position in place, we match your product's packaging (appearance) with your brand image. Packaging design is much more than just determining what the final product will look like. It is an integrative process, which must involve aspects of design in conjunction with the practicalities of production, including shipping, display, economic availability, and product compatibility. Our full-service production and packaging capabilities will ensure that your final product conveys the brand, and conforms to shipping, display, economic and product practicalities.