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Welcome to Cosmetic Development Systems (CDS)

your turn-key research, development, manufacturing and packaging company, serving the cosmetics and beauty industry.

We are here for one reason only; to help bring your skin, face, body, and hair care products to life. That means that you can turn to us to research, develop, produce and package your formulated products, all while retaining your signature style, specifications and most importantly, your brand name. We proudly offer contract research, manufacturing and packaging in our state of the art facility, located in Ventura County. In short, CDS serves as your silent technical support partner.

As the custom cosmetic & personal care research, manufacturing and packaging company of choice for countless clients; our production formulary includes specialty products sold under the proprietary brand names of our clients. That means that your product remains your product. In the truest sense, we are here to serve as your behind-the-scenes supporting partner.

It is our sole objective to help your skin, face, body and hair care products make a name for themselves in the beauty industry. Your success is our success. As such, we have developed a step-by-step program (AKA "CDS Program") in order to capture your vision, and convert it into a market ready product.